The Warstein and Belecke fire brigade took the opportunity to organize a large-scale exercise on our company premises. The focus for the fire department was to simulate a large, dynamic situation with as much realism as possible. The exercise was designed to be particularly challenging for the brigade’s managers.

Initially, only one person had to be rescued from a leaking oxygen tank, then another person went missing in a smoky factory hall. In this scenario, a simulated injury to a member of the respiratory protection team required a second team to intervene. What appeared to be a routine call escalated to a more complicated mission.

The fire department was thankful to ESSER for their cooperation in conducting this valuable exercise together. It was also an instructive and interesting day for the ESSER TWIN PIPES team. It is in the interest of both parties to practice regularly, so that in the case of an emergency (which hopefully will never occur) everyone will be well prepared.

Many thanks from the ESSER team to the Warstein and Belecke fire department – you are doing a great job!

The Warstein and Belecke Fire Brigade conducted a training exercise at Esser Twin Pipes in Warstein.