ESSER elbows and bends perfectly complement ESSER pipeline systems to ensure the performance of the entire system.

The production of double-layer elbows is complex and carried out with the greatest care at ESSER. Control of the primary materials, quality and fitting accuracy play a major role in pipeline longevity and reliability. We follow the maxim: fast installation, high performance, uncomplicated replacement.

In truck-mounted concrete pumps, elbows are located at the points in the pipeline where the flow is diverted. As a result, they are subject to a higher wear load than a straight section. We have designed ESSER elbows to be more robust, particularly in the back of the bend – but still within the manufacturers’ parameters so that weight limits are not exceeded.

Conveyor elbows are available for the different ESSER series:

  • ESSER 400 – single layer, hardened bends for smaller concrete layers and low wear loads.
  • ESSER TWIN 700 – double-layered elbows with a hardness of 63 HRC. In use worldwide for decades.
  • ESSER TWIN 900 – double-layered bends for the most demanding, adverse conditions.

TIP: The service life of some pipe bends can be extended. Symmetrical bends with the same weld-end geometry can be rotated by 180° around the center point to extend their useful life. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

In addition to rust protection, painting also fulfills a visual function. As a rule, we supply our pipe components primed, but on request we also offer a variety of paint colors according to different color systems. Do you want your piping to match the color of your machinery or production hall? Or should the color tone correspond to your corporate identity? We will coordinate the color with you and will be pleased to advise you about the options.

ESSER pipe bends have been used in a wide variety of applications for decades. Do you also have a conveying pipeline in use which is subject to increased wear and tear? Call us, we are looking forward to your challenge.

Esser elbows