Since its foundation, ESSER-WERKE has been producing its world-renowned products in Warstein, in the northern Sauerland region. We also want to give some of our success back to the people around us and help ensure that our town’s society remains worth living in.

Team spirit, responsibility, fairness, and respect are important values in the workplace and can be of great personal benefit in all areas of life – they are cornerstones of society.

One of the Warsteins’ successful sports clubs, VfS 59 Handball, has been trying for years to instill these values in young athletes from an early age with the help of many dedicated volunteers. The success of these efforts is now reflected in the numerous accomplishments of the youth teams.

ESSER-WERKE has decided to support the handball club VfS Warstein e.V. as a sponsor. The young people benefit from a wide range of leisure and sports activities that couldn’t be possible without the many volunteers; providing financial resources makes their jobs much more manageable.

And an added bonus: handball is one of the world’s fastest, toughest, and most exciting sports. It’s fun to watch the games – regardless of age group.