At the ESSER Summer Party 2023, the employees looked forward to a special surprise. The company JWR Borchen, near Paderborn, provided its new concrete pump, a Schwing S 38 SX! The machine is equipped with a SUPER 2000 line (ESSER TWIN 700). For some employees, seeing the ESSER products live in use for the first time was a highlight. The operator opened the swivel elbow and the hopper so that the inner workings were visible. It was also possible to try and move the boom by remote control under supervision. JWR Borchen has several machines in operation. We were of course, curious to find out how long an ESSER line lasts. The driver said, depending on the concrete mix, between 100,000 and 120,000 m³. Thank you to JWR for their time and for making the boom in operation a huge success for the Esser Team!