Today we would like to present you another story of successful cooperation, this time between ESSER and Carl Hamm, the supplier of steel and custom-engineered pipeline components from Esser, Germany. And when two such experienced and eager teams are working together, no wonder that something really impressive would be developed! We were able to combine two of our respective premium products and create a pipe system that is predestined for shaft hosting pipes in underground mining.

We are talking about Carl Hamm’s tight sleeve connection–ZSM–which is an axial non-positive and detachable pipe connection.Due to its quick and easy assembly and disassembly and space-saving design, the application of ZSM systems ensures considerable cost savings through the whole lifecycle.This patent-protected tight sleeve system is successfully used in a great variety of installation applications in German and-more recently-international mining.

To create a unique alternative to the conventional pipeline systems, ESSER TWIN PIPES were chosen. Their inner wear layer possesses the hardness of 63 HRC, which ensures a great resistance to abrasive media. Comparing to conventional pipe systems made of unhardened mild steel, the ones consisted of TWIN PIPES are offering greater cost effectiveness due to less downtime.

The obtained combination of ZSM connection and ESSER TWIN PIPES is a unique alternative to the conventional system and is widely applied in backfilling operations as well as for the transporting of building materials. Both these applications set a great pressure on the piping components due to the art of conveyed materials and therefore an excellent quality of the elements isa total must. ESSER is an experienced and reliable partner for any R&D project, continuously working on the improvement of our products and developing a unique expertise in many areas of business. Contact us for more information!