We are an IHK-approved and recognized training company in the Hellweg-Sauerland region. We train in the commercial and industrial area:


Industrial mechanics organize and control production processes and ensure that machines and production facilities are ready for operation. They build machines or entire production lines, install and network them and put them into operation. If their focus is on production engineering, they set up and convert machines and control manufacturing processes. The maintenance and repair of operating equipment and technical systems is also part of their job. To do this, they select test equipment, determine the causes of malfunctions and, for example, replace defective components or wearing parts, check bearings and retighten screws. If necessary, they also manufacture spare parts themselves using CNC machines. Furthermore, they hand over technical systems and products to customers and instruct them in their operation.

Industrial mechanic is a 3.5-year recognized training occupation in industry and commerce. The training also takes place in the skilled trades.

You can find the complete description of the training on the official website of the Federal Employment Agency. Or just follow this link: https://web.arbeitsagentur.de/berufenet/beruf/29055#ueberblick


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