One can hardly imagine any construction site without a truck-mounted concrete pump or a truck mixer pump. Being efficient and convenient machinery dedicated to transporting of concrete, they are widely used in underground and high-rise construction. Such equipment is indispensable and makes the implementation of large construction projects on schedule possible. Pumping concrete shortens construction period, lowers labor needs and operate in confined spaces.

A critical component of the concrete pump is delivery or boom pipes, which are responsible for transferring the concrete from the pump to the desired location on a construction site. With pressures of up to 85 bar, concrete is transported at heights of up to 70 meters with pinpoint accuracy. 

An important consideration in the durability of pipe is the composition of pumped concrete. Concrete is generally very abrasive material. Mixes containing large aggregates or high concentrations of admixtures can place a heavy stress on the delivery line causing abrasive wear of pipes. 

To ensure a long-lasting and reliable operation of the concrete pipes, its components are required to have such characteristics as high strength, mobility and long service life. Moreover, a delivery line should be economical and contributing to the energy efficiency of the concrete pump. Esser Twin Pipes have been a component of concrete pumps worldwide since the 1980s. Being a close and reliable partner to the
global leading concrete pump manufacturers has made our pipe systems synonymous with reliability and safety.